When you think of a shipping containers or Conex boxes you most likely think about the large freight liners or shipping ports on the river with thousands of mismatched colored boxes with goods from all over the world. If you have seen The Wire then you know these are the boxes where Frank Sobotka hides the stolen cars and McNulty finds the dead bodies. Call of Duty even has virtual shipping containers that players camp out in to up their kill/death ratio!

These days containers are being used for all kinds of reasons. In the construction industry, people use them for wind and water tight security to protect valuable equipment and materials from being damaged or stolen. However, nowadays containers are being used for more than just storage. Construction companies, builders, and business owners alike are beginning to see the value of modified ground level office containers.

What are the benefits of having container as an office you may ask?

1.) Price

One of the biggest benefits of using converted office containers is the price. Office trailers have many expenses including delivery fees and the cost of blocking and leveling the trailer Additional cost that can amount to significant spends include: anchoring them into the ground so a hurricane doesn’t blow them away, putting in skirting to improve the aesthetics for customer visit and of course paying that extra monthly fee for steps or a ramp so you can access them! Ground Level Office Containers eliminate installation cost and expensive additions because they are placed on the ground. When you lease a ground level office container, you will only pay for the delivery, the return, and a fairly cheap monthly lease rate.

2.) Convenience

Ground Level Office containers can be shipped on any Landoll or tilt back, making them very easy to schedule for delivery. Most companies can deliver a ground container or office container within a day, which gives contractors and business owners more flexibility and minimize down time. These converted offices can also fit it tight areas. They work great in crowded cities and small job sites to provide extra working space for any industry. Office containers are the fastest plug and play office space in the world today.

3.) Durability

Ground level office containers can weather the constant flow of busy construction workers  stopping in and out to check plans, eat lunch, and avoid harsh weather conditions. They are also extremely secure and coupled with with steel bars over windows and doors and lock boxes for extra protection. Despite the extra security, the converted containers are just as nice as any standard field office on the interior. They have HVAC’s that provide quality climate control, multiple windows for natural light, and are topped off with tiled floors and finished walls. These steel boxes are strong enough for the toughest contractors, while also keeping them comfortable on the job.

4.) Customization

Standard ISO containers come in lengths of 20 and 40 feet long and are 8 feet wide. Because the interior is completely empty, these boxes can be fitted to any floor plan the contractor or business owner needs. They can remain open and used as a break room for workers, or they can be used as only as partial offices with storage on the side. They can even be stacked together for multistory buildings. Sounds crazy, right? Its true! Today people are using containers to build entire strip malls, bars, restaurants, and even multistoried hotels!

5.) Environmentally Friendly

Re-purposed containers are inherently environmentally friendly because they are constantly recycled to be used in a multitude of ways. Shipping containers are noncombustible and have been built to last long after their overseas shipping days are over. These containers can be well maintained to last as long as traditional buildings and can be recycled for different uses multiple times. If you care about the world we live in, consider using a converted office container on your next project.

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