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USCG Station

Client Profile

The United States Coast Guard is a maritime branch of the United States Armed Forces. The Coast Guard’s role is to provide maritime safety, security and stewardship. Their motto is “Semper Paratus” or “Always Ready” and have stations located all over the country in coastal towns in order to protect our waters and boaters.

Client Challenge

In addition to their main bases, the USCG also has remote facilities throughout the country that allow them closer proximity to respond to maritime emergencies. One such substation is located in Fortescue, NJ. This station has a staff of 5-9 crewmembers on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the summer time when boats occupy the harbor in large numbers. During the winter the base in Cape May, NJ monitors the area. The Fortescue crew worked and resided from an old building that was in a state of disrepair. Coast Guard officials decided that it was time to upgrade the facilities. The upgrade needed to be completed between the months of October and May while the station was unoccupied and it was imperative that it be completed by the start of the summer season. The building required a sprinkler system since it was to be used as a residence for the Coast Guardsmen as well as an area to house their satellite communications system. One of the greatest challenges was that the water pressure in the town was inadequate to power a sprinkler system.

The Mobilease Solution

For this project, Mobilease Modular Space partnered with SAF, Inc., an 8a/hubzone small business out of Akron, OH. Mobilease and SAF worked closely with Coast Guard officials to design a room capable of handling and housing the USCG`s satellite communications equipment used to assist in search and rescue missions throughout the Delaware Bay area. We also worked with them to design a floor plan that would provide their crew with a comfortable living space throughout their time on call. Together, Mobilease and SAF were also able to solve the site’s water pressure challenge by providing and installing a tank and pump system to handle the required sprinkler system.

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