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Plaquemines Medical Center

Client Profile

In 2005 Plaquemines Parish the southernmost parish in Louisiana, found its community devastated by the effects of hurricane Katrina. Almost all of the houses, hospitals and schools in the parish had been completely destroyed by the hurricane. Plaquemines Parish officials needed a medical clinic to provide emergency medical services to children and adults, basic diagnostic services and home health treatment for its residents and rescue workers.

Client Challenge

As residents and rebuilding workers returned to Plaquemines in the aftermath of Katrina, city council members decided that they needed a health care clinic in which to treat its citizens. It could potentially take years to rebuild the destroyed hospital and the closest suriving hospital would be many miles away, so a temporary structure would be needed in the meantime. The clinic would be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and would be constantly staffed with a doctor, a nurse and necessary support staff. The clinic would need multiple exam and x-ray rooms, administrative space and reception area.

The Mobilease Solution

FEMA officials contacted Mobilease in December of 2005. MMS reps worked with a doctor from the parish to design a floor plan that would suit their needs. In January of 2006 the parish placed their order and in May of 2006 the clinic was ready to treat patients.

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