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Philadelphia Parent Child

Client Profile

The Philadelphia Parent Child Development Center, one of the oldest Head Start organizations in Philadelphia, needed to expand and upgrade their existing school in their North Philadelphia neighborhood. The organization was faced with a long waiting list and, as a community improvement organization, they wanted to accommodate all who sought assistance. The Head Start organization owned a small site across the street from their existing school that they planned to utilize.

Client Challenge

The lot was constrictive and a challenge to build upon due to its configuration and soil conditions. School officials were adamant in wanting a quality permanent building with a comfortable, efficient learning environment and aesthetics that would match the old-style Philadelphia architecture of their existing building and thus contribute to their goal of neighborhood improvement. The new building needed to be ready for the start of the school year in September.

The Mobilease Solution

Mobilease and school officials collaborated to design a 3,370 sq. ft. modular building with a floor plan and specifications that suited their specific requirements. The building was designed with classroom space, administrative offices and a kitchen from which they could serve hot breakfasts and lunches to their students. Mobilease also worked together with the customer and their architect to design/build a site-built roof system to further improve the aesthetic quality of the new building. The project was completed within 90 days after permits were received.

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