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Nottingham Country Day Care

Client Profile

Headley Brothers, LLC, owned an undeveloped property in the growing rural area of Nottingham, PA. While considering development opportunities, they discovered there was a need for day care services in the area so they created Nottingham Country Day School (NCDS). The original development plan was to build conventional construction but realized they didn’t have the time or budget so they contacted Mobilease Modular Space (MMS) and discovered MMS could design and build a modular building that would meet their immediate requirements and be flexible for future consideration.

Client Challenge

Nottingham Country Day School soon realized they were competing against another day care operation being developed at the same time, so speed was important to capture the first wave of market share. Speed would not be enough to hold onto market share; Nottingham Country Day School needed a permanent, aesthetically pleasing building that would permit room for growth and provide a friendly atmosphere for all associated with the day care.

The Mobilease Solution

After being referred by Oxford Area School District, Headley Brothers, LLC, contacted Mobilease. Mobilease provided an available 6,720 sq. ft. modular building equipped with seven large rooms (each with their own bathrooms) and four offices for staff. The building has a perimeter frame, vinyl-covered gypsum walls, vinyl insulated windows and diffused lighting. The installation included a berm elevated to the front door with a site-built, concrete handicap ramp with metal rails on the front and a large, boardwalk deck covering over half of the modular. There are decorative awnings and vinyl rails on all the steps.

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