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CES: Cooperative Educational Services

Cooperative Educational Services is a Purchasing Cooperative united by a Joint Powers Agreement to aid Public Schools in New Mexico & aspires to be known as one of the best educational service agencies in the country and the program of choice in New Mexico.

CES is comprised of New Mexico’s 89 school districts plus 81 other public education institutions, including charter schools, two and four-year post-secondary institutions, BIA schools and state schools. CES makes purchasing simple for our Members and Participating Entities. We save our participants significant amounts of time and money by soliciting bids and proposals on a state and national level and award contracts on their behalf. CES’ Members and Participating Entities also have the assurance that CES contracts offer the best overall value and pricing in compliance with New Mexico Procurement Code. CES brings many advantages to our membership.

  • We save your staff time by not having to develop a solicitation, advertise, receive the responses, and evaluate the responses.
  • We assist by guiding the member to the appropriate vendor for items they may need.
  • Your buying power is enhanced and pricing is reduced through cooperative purchasing.
  • Our procurement partners have agreed to provide high quality products and services at a competitively bid price.
  • We serve as an advocate for you, the member, in the event there is a problem with your procurement.

CES contracts provide members with choice. When using our contracts, members obtain convenience and peace of mind knowing their procurement meets all state and federal legal requirements.

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