Take advantage of our GSA contract to fast-track government procurement of modular buildings.

Mobilease is a GSA approved vendor for government procurement of modular and pre-fabricated buildings. GSA's "Best Value" determination means no more drafting of solicitations, synopsizing requirements, interpreting bids and quotations and determining fair and reasonable pricing for procurement of modular and prefabricated buildings.

The Mobilease GSA schedule includes:

  • Modular / Mobile Office Buildings (single wide to triple wide sizes)
  • Rental, Lease or purchase of in-fleet units

When customization is required, the basic modular unit with one or two bathrooms can be contracted under our GSA schedule and then modifications off schedule can be made for any configuration needed. On-schedule and off-schedule floor plan configurations from existing inventory are available for immediate delivery!


Contact our GSA Relationship Manager, Pete Barton.

Phone: (888) 649-6007